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Hours later
Apr 21, 2006

And yes.. some hours later, some debs downloaded.. GNOME 2.14!! Now I have a mix of GNOME 2.14 and 2.12, but runs quite good, faster and I just love it! :)

Today two things happened, first I noticed that we will use dbus for IPC, great news! second, 6 seconds delays is too much, need to increase performance in my current development less delay is better.

GNOME 2.14

BTW, Using testing/unstable is quite risky but I like living in the edge, however even I'm running testing/unstable the ndiswrapper packages for current kernel aren't packaged, yet, at least officially, so if you are using a ndiswrapper-enabled wireless card, you need to add:

deb sarge main
deb-src sarge main
deb sid main
deb-src sid main

to your sources.lists, works for me. Don't forget:

# apt-get install wireless-tools

Update: ndiswrapper stills crashes, if you enable it using /etc/modules crashes kernel, sometimes works some others crashes keyboard... so.. still unstable, will wait for next ndiswrapper relase.

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