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MonoCanvas, improving
Mar 07, 2006

I said, some time ago, that MonoCanvas will be released past month, February, for some reasons, it didn't, we have implemented a lot of features and some minor ones features are missing, but I still don't like its performance when drawing many shapes. After thinking for a while I've decided to draw-only-those-who-need-drawing, not every shape, this, of course, will improve rendering and redrawing, will consume less resources and will allow a smoother canvas interface.

The idea is simple, but effective, sort when adding shapes, after unpressing mouse button reorder moved-shape/s, this for keeping an ordered shapes-drawn-list. BY doing this will allow us, first to get the shapes that are moved, then calculate who shapes need to be re-drawn and of course by using its position will be faster to know over wich shape we are. I'm still fighting with the improvement of the binary search algorithm, but when finished, everything will be very smoother and better.

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