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MonoCanvas' DnD
Jan 22, 2006

Using graphics for representing ideas is quite usefull and the "DnD idea" is really good. Dragging and dropping represents the idea of adding, moving or sending information from a source to a target. I've been playing with this idea this week and I'm happy with this preview. There are bugs, I found two, Cursor bug, doesn't change when starting dragging and drag-begin bug that doesn't call the IDraggable.DragBegin when should be.

I did an implementation based on a mix of Gtk#'s and System.Windows.Forms' DnD methods, comments are allowed and hearing/reading them would be very nice. The idea using two interfaces that represent the Draggable and the Droppable shapes, current implementation is


which means:

MonoCanvas' DnD sample

I did a sample screencast.

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