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Beagle from sources
Jan 21, 2006

Time ago I played with Beagle (apt-get install beagle), but after its 0.20 release decided to build it from sources. I don't do apt-get because I'm running mono from svn, yes, I know can have parallel installations but like living in the edge ;-). Compiling takes sometime, allmost all the time because of the dependencies, if you want to enable everything you must compile allmost all. Here's my quick-and-dirty guide for building Beagle 0.20 from sources.

I'm running linux 2.6.12-9-686 from deb package with Ubuntu Breezy. Guided from beagle's wiki-page I began installing. Remember that using another --prefix rather than /usr is a very good idea, I use /opt/beagle/, remember to set $PATH, $LD_CONFIG_PATH and $PKG_CONFIG_PATH while installing the packages,

  1. sqlite-2.8.17.tar.gz
  2. gmime-2.1.19.tar.gz
  3. XFree86 libs, apt-get install libxss-dev
  4. evolution-sharp
  5. galago, here you need dbus-sharp... then you need dbus even if you already have it.
  6. libexif, apt-get install libexif-dev
  7. gsf-sharp

Then, beagled, and beagle-search, and done.


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