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Jan 15, 2006

I spent this weekend thinking about some many things, monouml-things. It all began after reading (days ago) alo's post when I notice that maybe taking his effort and wrapping the libraries would be nice for allowing GroupWare in MonoUML, of course in the near future... we haven't yet finished MonoCanvas, but the ideas are nice. I talked with Rodolfo, telling this idea for using the WebServices-based communication, yes I know, WS aren't the best either... He suggested a better solution: CORBA. I agree with him, but using CORBA adds another dependency, so does cherokee-wrapping... Anyway I just need to think more while implementing MonoCanvas.

There are some things that a want to upgrade, some of then are related to usability, such as better DnD within the Views, nicer UIs, better usage space... MonoUML needs love.

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