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Scratching my head
Jan 02, 2006

I've been working in a DLL wrapping since two weeks ago, why is it taking too much? Let's get the facts:

Even you were UNIX programmer you know the DLL definition, you understand that as a library, simple and normal shared library, forget the dynamic and all the bullshit, library nothing else, but in the Windows-world this isn't true all the time, Why? because of Microsoft's technologies. So, there are two kind of DLL libraries: Standard and ActiveX. Differences? Many MS Windows programmers love to use ActiveX-based libraries (they are also called Ole/COM/whatever... there's a long history about that... get any COM Book for getting the uncensored history) because those integrate MS programming languages in a easy way.. or at least they sell that idea, and yes.. sometimes is better doing the job than doing it well.

However, lets be good people and think nice. Ok, I accept the COM technology, looks nice, (better CORBA, however)... but, Why the hell those programmers decided to use that technology?!!? Didn't they think in the future? What about cross-platform compatibility? Ok, nice, use MS Windows, use their technologies use everything... But at least... document your parametrs!? Yes I know... reverse engineering works... but documentation is better and better!!

Nowadays I program in any language (even Delphi), I'm not as I used to be, am getting paid and the work needs to be done. But using Visual Basic!? WTF!! VB just sucks, bad programming language, period. Learning it isn't difficult at all, the problem is when trying to do real things, not just "forms". I prefer Delphi... and I thought won't said it...

C++ rocks, and I will be trying until I get the solution. I'm not a MS Windows programmer, I don't like Visual Basic Sorry, I'm real developer.

... BTW I don't have personal issues, would VB considered as personal issue?

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