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Better than ever
Dec 27, 2005

After reading the announcement I decided to upgrade to WP 2.0, works better, nicer 'write post' UI, upgrading is quite easy. I also need to upgrade my older monkey-based skin but at least I like current red-based one.

Nothing have happend recently, working takes me all the day. Sometimes at work I spend time alone, I use that time for thinking, thinking in solutions for my current projects, thinking in people, thinking in myself, remembering things that I've done and long time ago I said won't do it... time changes everything.
However my labor future looks nice, I'll start to use my favorite OS, migrating a QNX-based app to Linux, and using one of my favorite programming languages: C. Older but still usefull.

I'm planning a MonoCanvas release on Febraury :-) I hope we can do it.

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