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Dec 10, 2005

This beginning of month I've learn (or is it understood?) many things, most important are related to the fact that I ussually get trust myself and plan things that almost all the time doesn't happend, and this occurs because I plan too much and I wait for the right time, I think is correct... (this has been happend since ... four years ago... I need to switch strategy)

Besides I've notice that these days I've converted in a deluded person, lets get the facts

  • Asking for talking for maybe solving our issues... Oh man! What the fuck was I thinking? Was fake... really fake.. Some time ago I said... no more wasting time, now I'm cleaning out.
  • Thinking that two days will suffice for solving some university-related papers... two days were few days... I spent all the week there... What does that mean? I need to go the work for weekends at least two.
  • Imaging the money will last this month, I didn't asked too much.. only a month!! However I paid some things I owed, I'm better now.

I need to develop with real programming languages... Using Delphi and VB.NET is a pain in the ass.

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