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Getting ready
Nov 02, 2005

I'll start working on next monday and I haven't yet finished my last report for the University, I won't have any more free time for doing it... yesterday I gave my preview to my counselor, I hope he accepts it. I'm only to one step to finish everything and I'm very happy about it.

On past monday I installed mono in one of the servers at my U, there are running Fedora Core-based servers, they obviouslly choose that distribution because of older Red Hat experience, anyway I just don't like rpms. Installing mono was easy as usual, but I'm still wondering if I need to install mono from sources... I don't know (yet) if this lastest built rpms fixes some System.Web issues if not I will gacutil it.

I set up mod_mono for Apache and I did a simple Hello World test... everything worked! I'll install my system tomorrow in the morning. And then lets start testing it online.

After reading some articles from the Mono Project page I'm thinking about translating them to spanish, there is a lot of important information written there, and the most important: working and recent information.

I also need to do some other thing such as finishing MonoCanvas implementation, I haven't done the third draft... this third one might be the last one for starting our final implementation. Things to finish are fewer every day.

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