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Knoppix, Ubuntu and Slackware
Sep 21, 2004

I like reading, surfing the web and looking some nice news about Debian, recently something took me over, Slackware, here, at school, all the linux users use Slackware, reasons? I don't know, I haven't tryed it yet, I like Debian and FreeBSD, anyway I decided downloading all the Slackware's iso files for later installing; in the Slack's ftp I found some other distributions such as Knopppix (the lastest release: 3.6) which impressed me time ago because its powerful detection process. I also found this nice Slackware website.

Then, after downloading the live-cd (Knoppix) and the four isos (Slackware) I keep reading and I found a new Debian-based distribution which ships with the new GNOME release, 2.8, I don't like compiling from sources because of my machine's CPU, it's too slow, I would have to wait at least two days to get a nice GNOME Desktop; the new distribution is called Ubuntu, it is based on Debian but it doesn't supports the Debian's packages (Knoppix does), it doesn't have mono, and obviously you can't apt-get it from SID because Ubuntu's/Debian's dpkg doesn't resolve those complicated dependencies... anyway the Ubuntu will include the mono binaries in the next release.

I haven't installed any of them, yet, I'm still too busy at school, doing some homework and studying for tests. I haven't worked with MonoUML, I'm sad because of that, but I added it to FreshMeat :)

I learned today: 'New computer? None yet'

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