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Travel, Etch and Her figure
Sep 19, 2004


Yesterday I traveled to Perote pretty city but too cold for me. I spent all the day there, while I was going back to Vercruz in the bus, I was thinking that this two years I've traleved too much times, I've traveled to Cardel, Xico, Perote, Xalapa, Naranjos, Tuxtepec, Piedra de Amolar, Oaxaca, Cosamalopan, Coatzacoalcos, Cardenas, Paraiso; all those cities are closer to Veracruz, I like traveling. I enjoyed the spent time yesterday, rainy familial day.


I was reading some post from barrapunto when I found a post about Debian, telling about the newest release: Sarge; I'm still waiting for its releasing, I might have to wait another year more. I discovered that the new testing release will be called Etch, it is the small blackboard.

Her figure

I'm trying to sculpt my cartoon with clay, it is not difficult, I've sculted the head until today, it looks really nice, her smile is pretty, I also drew her eyelashes, she will like her gift! I have a premonition!!.

I learned today: 'I will start to save some money for buying one nice camera.'

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