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Black screen
Sep 18, 2004

Some time ago I took some pictures (DO NOT ASK ABOUT QUALITY I used the Zire's built-in camera) about something weird that happened. I was watching TV, watching one TV channel and then another and then another and so on, but something caught me the eye, a nice and pretty windows' black death screen (I took another two shots) that remembered me the old windows' blue screen which always used to appear while you were reading any website using Netscape Communicator 4.7 or chatting with your IRC client for Windows 95, nice thoughts.

I miss my modem's speed, the lowest ever, and those faster computers called 486 and those really big black diskettes, the time had passed too fast, I used to run Windows 95 on my early beginning, I'm not proud for had been an old MS Windows user, old past years.

I'm impressed that Microsoft Windows is still the same, but now it uses more computer resources: more RAM, more hard disk space, and still has those nice features: hanging randomly and a lot of viruses. I don't miss any of Microsoft Windows' features. I miss the computer games, but nowadays I don't have enough time to play so I don't miss them either.

Recently, the MonoUML Team, had been thinking about writing our own diagramming canvas, due to diacanvas-sharp is still too immature for our purposes, we decided to choose GnomeCanvas, Mario Fuentes and I will code all those elements, new core elements will be written. Rodolfo added a new document ARCHITECTURE, he wrote it and I made the DocBook, it shows the core elements used in MonoUML, nice for those new people who will help sometime and useful for us too.

I learned today: 'I'm going to travel in 2 hour and I haven't slept yet.'

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