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Sep 09, 2004

New features had been added to MonoUML:

  • Comments allowed for elements and nested comments for comments.
  • Command line arguments, for opening projects from shell.
  • The toolbar icons now work.
  • A lot of EC bug had been fixed.
  • The GUI had changed, now uses Paned widgets, like in the early beginning.
  • Support for Use Cases almost complete (ALMOST).
  • Some other... :)

Look the newest screenshot, you are encourage to do cvs update -dp to our CVS.

All the features were done by the current MonoUML team (Mario Fuentes, Rodolfo Campero and Mario Carrií³n), the other part of the team had not done anything yet, I hope to get some help from some other people sooner.

I learned today: 'UML Rule so does MonoUML'

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