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Justifying the project
Sep 04, 2004

I spent this weekend setting up all the necessary for using PostgreSQL through MS' .NET (using the ODBC provided by GBorg, that team is also developing some .NET Data Provider, but it is too unstable, and I don't to fail my DataBase subject at school =P).

Yes!! I know, I'M USING MS' .NET, What about your Mono Project?, BUT WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?, :( neither of my fellow workers use Linux/Mono, they neither program with C#, and Mono/GTK# is still too much unstable for using it as core framework (sorry fellows but it is the truth), my mates used to develop with Java (some time ago), they like dragging and dropping components from toolbar filled with icons. Anyway, I also set up my Linux box for being used as Primary Domain Controller, you know for authentifying some MS Windows NT based OS, I like SAMBA I've learned a lot this two days but I've been to busy and I couldn't work with MonoUML but it didn't matter because SourceForge is in maintenance (look, I'm running MS Windows 2000 Server, with a lot of patches, but I'm still running Mozilla Firefox!!, did you think I was using MS Internet Explorer?) look at the newest screenshot.

SAMBA had changed a lot since I used for sharing files all along my network, there are a lot of new features, I did:

# apt-get install samba smbclient

then I set up the /etc/samba/smb.conf, adding some variable names; there isn't too much information about Samba3, I found this good articles, they might be useful for someone else:

  1. How to Create a PDC on CC using Samba 3
  2. The Samba 2.2 PDC HowTo
  3. Samba PDC mini-HOWTO

And what about PostgreSQL?? We know postgres is the better open sourced database, better than Oracle, better than MySQL (obvious), better than MS SQL Server (OBVIOUS); if you use PostgreSQL by the first time, you won't change it EVER!, it has a lot of features, I encourage to give it a try. I just:

# apt-get install postgresql postgresql-client

then I modified the /etc/postgresql/hba_pg.conf for allowing TCP/IP connections, that's all I need... for now :D.

I learned today: '(and the day before today), we need more companies for supporting open sourced technologies; Open Source is cheaper, better, stabler, what else do you need?'

By the way: 'I will go the see her SOONER! I promise. I found a nice image look it:'

Mix it up!

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