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The two classes day
Aug 31, 2004

I spent all the day at school and ... only TWO CLASSES!.... anyway, I did some work about MonoUML, I hope that we will release the first alpha version, sooner.

Both Rodolfo and I, had been working a lot with the GUI, lets look the new sample, as you can see there's new graphical features which are based on non-graphical features, we've decided to finish the Use Cases first, that might be the release 0.01. There are some weird bugs (due to diacanvas#), I still don't know if ReX had done anything yet... I hope he fix something quick :)

I learned today: 'CASE Tools had been for long time the most useful tools for Software Enginneers, if you don't use CASE Tools you are not anybody.'

By the way. 'Today she traveled for getting a good job, I hope she get it, good luck!'

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