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News about MonoUML
Aug 25, 2004

Well, going back to school is almost the same every time, but now, all the teachers had changed and they use their new ideas to teach, I'm very impressed about the new subjects, and the new tools which we'll use, new technology.

Design, design, design; cool isn't it? The CASE tools had been used nowadays to help the rapid application development, I really love being developing the MonoUML, both Rodolfo and I are developing the newest alfa releases, Mario Fuentes is still fixing the Diacanvas# binding, and now there are another guys helping us, Manuel Cern and í˜yvind Hvamstad, our team is growing up, until today this is the current MonoUML team:


  • Mario Carrií³n (marioc) (Mexico)
  • Rodolfo Campero (rodolfo) (Argentina)
  • Mario Fuentes (ReX) (Chile)


  • Jordi Bruí±a (Spain)
  • Andrei Faber (Russia)
  • Manuel Cern (ceronman) (Colombia)
  • í˜yvind Hvamstad (???)

Join Now! for representing your country!! =). Do you want to help??

I learned today: 'I haven't slept too much, but until today I feel fine :)'

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