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XMI, Makefiles, C# and more fun
Aug 22, 2004

After almost all the day I've finished all the makefiles for allowing to build the MonoUML CVS version with just a simple "make" from the root path, then I started to code the new MonoUML's GUI version, I added some basic features such as: Open Project (that's all) we are starting, what did you expect?! =P.

The Diagram Interface (by Rodolfo) based on ExpertCoder is almost finished, and today, from the mail-list, I received a new email from some guy from somewhere, he may be from some place far away, maybe Europe, our project is becoming popular, some other projects are joining to ours.

Here is a sample of the new GUI, as you can see, almost all elements are dettachables, and the TreeView was build through the XMI file, using the MonoUML.DI library.

By the way, Mario Fuentes, aka ReX, had joined again to our project, he will fix and will try to stabilize the Diacanvas# library, we really hope so =).

I learned today: 'Join to our project, you will have a lot of fun. '

By the way. I've enabled the Comments feature, due to Fabian asked about, I hope getting nice comments.. =)

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