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Get caught on the net used by the monkey
Aug 20, 2004

Today, the congress had finished, I really enjoyed this last day, hearing that too many companies are supporting Linux for their products, it make me proud of being a Linux active user, I enjoyed the two last conferences were the better, an engenieer from Oracle talked about the new database Oracle 10g, it's something like a distributed database, it uses a cluster for doing that, it isn't a "new" techology but it's Oracle :).

Then the last conference, an evangelist from Microsoft talked about the .NET technology, there were a lot of people who had heard about the technology but there were a few people who had programmed a .NET application, now today everyone want to develop using the We might see a new migration from Window users to Linux.

I learned today: 'Get caught on the free .NET'

By the way. Tomorrow is the my little sister's birthday, Happy Birthday Gaby!!

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