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Congress, Day 1
Aug 18, 2004

At the morning I viewed my yahoo's email, and I received an obvious cheat e-mail, as you can see there's the old MS Explorer Bug which shows at the "url editbox" some predefined url which isn't the right one. But, remember I DO NOT run MS Explorer... nor Windows. Don't get caught with this cheater.

By the way, today started the 4o Congreso Internacional de Ingenieria en Sistemas Computacionales, due to that, I haven't gone to school, I may go to school until monday.
In the first conference, the engineer talked about the new educational process, the conference was good. The second a Doctor from DIGIPEN talked about the games and how they are written, they use DirectX and OpenGL for rendering... I didn't asked something but they may be using Windows (I hope not), by the way... at his conference his laptop hanged due to some weird and unusual Windows Media Bug X). I didn't like the third conference, the girl was reading something about e-libraries. The last one, the fourth, it was too good, a russian Dr, who spoke in spanish, talked about the Natural Language Processing, too good.

I saw (also today) the movie King Arthur, is good, it is like the Braveheart movie, it's good, you must see it.

I learned today: 'There's nothing better than a Unix-based Operating System (AKA. *BSD, *Linux)'

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