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I18N Tutorial, MonoUML's widgets
Aug 17, 2004

Today I've finished the i18n tutorial using GetText#, you can get it from here it's written on spanish and was made for monohispano, the tutorial may be at the monohispano's site sooner, you'll see it online, I hope =P.

By the way I've started to code the MonoUML's widgets, you can get a little piece of my work here, as you can see, it is a simple widget of an UML's actor. I'm waiting for the serialized sample of some UML element which will be done by Rodolfo, when he finish doing it, I'll mix it whith the new widget for testing purposes, I've been trying to do some other more complicated widgets, such as the Use Case with an editable label, but until today it hangs with an awful output, I hope solve this as quick as I can.

I hope to release the first MonoUML's piece in at least in two months, we don't want to release a don't-working applicaction, and now, everyone is going back to school, I'll go to back at wednesday, I won't have too much time for coding at least in the week.

The serialization coded by Rodolfo, works and it does pretty well, he and I were talking about the UML2's XMI, we agreed that is too new for using it, but we will use it anyway =), we're a kind of uml2-pioneers, Rodolfo said something that make laughing: "Espero que no estemos meando fuera del tarro".

Anyway, we will keep working in our project, by the way Arjan (the diacanvas maintainer), ask us about our project, the project is getting famous, =P, it's cool isn't it?

I learned today: 'We'll finish MonoUML anyway'

By the way: The code of the actor class is here use it carefully and don't forget to give me a few credit for using it, if you don't want.. well don't do it X).

Update: (07:52AM GMT -06:00) Fabian had updated the monohispano's site, and now there's the i18n tutorial.

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