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Aug 16, 2004

I dreamed about her running with me in that dream she looks too good, she was wearing a white skirt with a white shirt, something weird, because I haven't seen her using something white, I don't remember what I was wearing, it doesn't matter... I've been recently dreaming about her, almost every night. I feel a few sad, why? I don't know, maybe some going-back-to-school-symptoms... I quit starting to code the MonoUML's UML2 widgets because of my feelings... I guess I'm depressed, reasons? I don't know... I hope to solve this quickly, I'm not a kind of depessed-guy.

I'll try to stop posting contens about myself. When I started to write this weblog my main goal was writing everything about my projects, not about myself, but nowadays I've been writing a lot of things which I've been feeling...

By the way, I recently saw the movie "There's something about Mary", it's old I know, I haven't seen it, but a like its soundtrack, here is the lyric of "How to Survive a Broken Heart" song:

And there's nothing left
But a song or two
That mean not a thing
If I can't play them for you
If I could hear your voice just one more time
Maybe I'd be fine

Complete lyric here. There are a lot of more good songs in the soundtrack, I encourage to listen them.

Oh man! Now I'm a pinche poet and I have feelings (again?)... what's going whith me? Answer: I need to go back to school.

I learned today: 'Nice dreams, nice thoughts, nice life, nice girl; those all things make your life happier.'

By the way:
I'm hearing some romantic songs... I need some beers, I really do. Don't tell anyone but I guess I'm in lo**

Second By the way: The "Curse of the Graduation Party" is broken. Don't ask about the details.

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