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The Party
Aug 15, 2004

I spent almost 10 hours at all the party-process, (I had fun), first I went to the church (I promised to don't go to any church before my wedding, now the promise is broken, again, I broke it earlier when I went to Xico... now I'm a promise-broker who doesn't keep his promises), then there, at the church, I spent a lot of time watching all the religious figures and thinking about them, I didn't know how to behave there, I didn't know what to say, I spent almost 1 hour doing everything by repeating as a monkey, I was a mono. I don't know if the time spent there and the time which I spent at the Xico's church has some meaning, does that means something? Do I need to get closer to the church? We don't know... yet.
Then, when the Mass at the church was finished I met some other relatives of my girlfriend, my father-in-law didn't come so I obviously didn't meet him, yet.

Later at the party, I danced like a crazy, I need to practice... I don't even remember the basic salsa's steps. Like many other parties, the noise was awful and you can't talk, I was wondering all the night: "What did you say? Would you repeat it?", but I spent a very good time, I always enjoy being with her.

Everything was good, I felt a few sad when I noticed that she might be at other city far away from here... when she starts her job, I also felt sad because I wasn't there... I mean, I haven't finished my studies, I need 1 and a half year more... and later? I've finished, And NOW... what?!
I don't have to spend too much time wasting my thoughts about that... (first) I need to finish MonoUML, which now has its first cvs update... check it out NOW! or browse it online thanks to Rodolfo for his excelent work, I'll now start to code the MonoUML's widget, keep in touch!

I learned today: 'Don't get sad, it's too soon! Get sad later, after finishing MonoUML. Be happy run Linux!'

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