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And then tomorrow...
Aug 13, 2004

After being a lot of time at school and going and coming, I've recently solved my problem with my Social Service; my counselor agreed to talk with the main boss from that department, so now I can do the Social Service without filling all the requirements, I'm happy about that, now I'll face a very hard semester at school.

I'm also working with the MonoUML's UML#, I've posted a new UML model for that package, and I'm doing a nice tutorial for using i18n with GetText# for the MonoHispano community, I'm close to finish it.

Tomorrow I will go to my girlfriend's graduation party, I'm ironing my shirt and here there's too hot, I haven't gone to a party like that since long time ago. There, at the party, I might met my father-in-law, my girlfriend's father, I hope I like him, I really hope so.

I learned today: 'If you are awaked don't even think about sleeping.'

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