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Going back to school... sooner
Aug 07, 2004

The day after yesterday I went to the university to do some scholar stuff, I'm going to go back to school sooner, I've seen the teachers lists for choosing my subjects, I didn't like the teachers nor the subjects, there are missing too many good teachers at our school, some of them had taken over some subjects. After being at the school I went to buy some book which rodolfo suggest me, it is called "UML. Gota a gota", but I didn't find it, then I went to another library and I didn't find it either. The book may be too good, maybe tomorrow I'll buy the UML's "Tres Amigos" book, rodolfo said that it may be good and due to he is the guy with most experience about UML in the team I should trust him, I'm going to take some pictures, I need them for some papers at school. By the way, I'm updating the MonoUML's webpage, graphic design is too difficult for me, I don't like that, I'm rough! and I don't have enough time for thinking, any help? I need to rest, but I don't feel tired, any good sleeping pills?

I learned today: '6 or 7 subjects? What do you think?'

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