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Diacanvas# almost done.
Aug 04, 2004

Due to all the work done by Mario Fuentes with the diacanvas#'s wrapping now we can see the shapes, look the sample, a clock running. But still hangs randomly, I've been looking and I guess it hangs because of the *Update* methods, I need to do more tests, maybe later it is 04:24AM and I haven't slept, I'm too tired.
Today I've suscribed to webcindario now I have my own free webpage for hosting my screenshots (I can't link them directly... :__(, does anyone wants to host me?) plus some other stuff. I'm happy because *maybe* today I'll get a new computer, 5 years had passed since my last *new* computer, today I'm using an old P3 350MHZ computer, still works but when I need to compile a large sw I wait too much time; I need to rest, but I'm afraid to sleep and don't hear the guy who will bring it.

I learned today: 'Maybe in two years diacanvas# will be stable.'

By the way: 'I've solved the "GNOME WARNING" issues. I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I need some beers... I'm going to rest....'

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