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Doing nothing
Jul 26, 2004

After my return to my beautiful city I've been doing NOTHING but when I was doing nothing I discovered some new stuff about the diacanvas#, new it works "more", at least the NeedUpdate works, but still doesn't appear the DiaShapes. By the way I've registered the MonoUML project at SourceForge, the sf staff acepted the project really fast, now I'm waiting the uml# (which I'm also developing :P) Rodolfo Campero accepted to help me, he is developing the expertCoder which will be the last MonoUML's layer (with uml#), I hope finish the uml# faster, I need to code a lot for MonoUML, if somebody wants to help us, just email us or visit our projects.
I learned today: 'I miss her, but don't tell anyone, let's make that our secret.'

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