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My awesome "Two-day vacation"
Jul 24, 2004

After a big working time and two chapters translated at monohispano I decided to travel to see my girlfriend, she was spending her time at Xico with her family, I didn't know about the town's traditions, I only knew about the waterfalls, but yestearday and the day before yestarday I learned a lot of things, for example a tradition called Xiqueí±ada where bulls are released, a party-like Pamplonada at Spain, but 100% Mexican! I just want to say that the town was too full, a lot of people, drunks, girls, boys, kids where walking everywhere, you can't even walk, I was at the town and I felt like I was at the Carnival here in Veracruz but in a really reduced space. Anyway the time which I spent was too awesome, I'm happy :), her family was too good with me and they make feel cool, I knew my girl more than ever, she also is happy about the doll which I took to her, a beautiful doll such as she. Now, two days later, I'm back to bring the uml-sharp to all those C# coders and to all those mexican programmers who are trying to leave Unix because of .NET
Stop migrating to .NET we have MONO!

I learnead yesterday and the day before yesterday: 'You must know your country before trying to leave it.'

My project called "HTML2PHP API" has been frozen due to I'm very disapointed with PHP4, I hope the new release bring us more stability for all oriented-object developers.

By the way: Don't use PHP4, PHP4 wasn't designed to allow building large oriented-object web-systems, use Python instead or something else, sorry to all those PHP4 developers, but PHP4 is not enough for me, maybe with PHP5 all will change.

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