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The new revelation
Jul 08, 2004

I've been waiting too much for the diacanvas binding for c#, diacanvas#, so I started to search and I found the binding for python, I'm shocked! Python is so awesome!, Unbelievable!! and Glade... too many emotions for one long night, the libglade is the best. Anyway I will start coding my CASE tools using Python/PyGTK/diacanvas maybe I'll port them to C#/GTK#/diacanvas# later... maybe not.
Check this code out:

import pygtk
import gtk

xml ='') #You build some GUI using glade, name project: 'sample'

Today's new packages:
# apt-get install python-gnome2-dev python-gnome2 python2.3-glade2 python-gtk2-dev python2.3-diacanvas2
I just like debian testing/unstable, too exciting!!

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