About me

My name is Mario Carrion and I’m a Software Engineer who specializes in designing and implementing Software Architectures, my forte is: APIs and Distributed Real Time-based Computer Systems.

I’m a hands-on Engineer, I could be a Technical Lead Engineer that manages, motivates and mentors other juniors engineers and at the same time I could be your Senior Engineer who likes getting dirty spending time writing, profiling and testing software. I fear no technology, new or legacy.

I can assure for sure one thing: with enough time I’m able to deliver the best software anyone dreamed of, not only the one that performs the best under heavy usage, but the one that is written with the best software practices, specially a software aiming to have a 100% code coverage, that in the end not only will work now but will allow anyone else to improve it in the future.

Officially, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Systems Engineering with a Major in Relational Databases, from the Instituto Tecnologico de Veracruz in Mexico (I bet you never heard of this college).

So, I know for sure Mathematics, Electronics, Computer Hardware and Computer Software Development, among other things.

All that being said, let me tell you my story…

I became interested in computers when I was in Junior High, I was lucky enough to own an 80486 PC, this computer allowed me to create new stuff, from silly HTML pages hosted on Geocities to much more complex C programs that asked you to input your age and name.

I used this PC for a long time and I had the pleasure of installing Linux on it, Red Hat and Corel Linux to be precise, it was difficult in the beginning but really educational, as a matter of fact, this Linux fixation led me to get involved in Open Source, that in the end allowed me to land a job at Novell in the really pretty and quiet Cambridge, MA. (Best job ever)

From there, I became what I’m now: Mario, Distinguished Engineer, the one that is always learning new stuff and the one that is always looking forward to facing new challenges.

What are some of my Open Source projects?

  • Github
  • MonoUML CASE Tool
  • nUML .NET UML 2.2 library
  • Tasque Task management application.
  • Pulque Helps you maintain parallel development environments.
  • Vimeo# Full Vimeo API implementation in C#.

If you need to contact me for whatever reason, please email me, just use <my-real-name>@carrion.ws.